When we learn to be better, its our responsability to be better

Hi folks!, My name is Jorge and I come from a place called Madrid.
I’ve almost graduated in social and cultural anthropology but I didn’t finished – maybe in the future. I’ve studied a lot of things to work in social services, like sociocultural enterteiment, sociocultural activities coordinator, etc.
Also I fight always against the social class injustice through my activism and resources like circus, theatre, clown, or different kind of events.
I’m going to be in Trbovlje for 9 months, I chose this place for the opportunities that they gave me, like improve my social skills, work with people in different places and of course, for the place and the Slovenian culture.
The place and the people are very friendly and the hills around the city are awesome, you can breathe the air in the mountain and feel as yours lungs are opening.
I wish to learn a lot of things and make some friends (I’ve already got some, I’m lucky, I know). Also I wish to get involved in this wonderful culture a lot, and discover the country and the people, I’m sure that I will do.
Here you can enjoy and spend your time in different ways and to finish this small article, go outside, enjoy and live your life a lot.
See you around
Jorge Martin Barreno Perez
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