What have we learned from COVID-19?

Did Coronavirus taught us some life lessons, or will everything be the same as it was before the pandemic? Let us not get confused, the Cornavirus pandemic is all above a human tragedy, especially for those who lost thier loved ones, our hearts goes with them.

Are we ready for some changes that  will make everything different, as it was before all of this started? Overnight road traffic stopped, trains stopped, planes stopped flying, buses were empty and we stayed home. The world we knew changed in just one day. So what have we learned from all of this ? We learned that we are not alone, some of us learned how to work from home. We learned and saw how cities look like empty, without people and we learned that beauty of the cities is not just the cities itselves, the beauty is in the people. We learned to value nature more, that alternatives exist, so we are not able to tell ourselves that they are no alternatives any more, we learned to stay close, while being in distance and to adapt fast. We also learned that taking sick day could safe lives, because if you are sick just stay at home. We learned that interent  should be a basic right nowadays and personally the biggest lecture for me. I have learned that doctors and researches need to be paid better and we need to value them more because they were the ones who worked day and night to recover this world. We learned about the importance of talking to a friend every day, because during this pandemic we were not „busy“ all day, this was a time to call loved persons and have deep and long conversations with them and do not forget to do this, when all of this is over. This pandemic also taught us how to be content alone, yes social distancing was very difficult, but it also taught us more about ourselves because our body and our mind are our home, and we need to learn how to love it and live with it.

The biggest question arising from all of this is : What are we going to DO about what we have learned? Are we going to keep it or it will be forgotten as many other things during our lives? But one thing is for sure, we should never forgot to be humans!

Until next time Fatima Mahmutović!

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