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At the moment the only topic everybody is talking about is Corona. But I want to push away the negative vibes and let you dream a bit. It is better to do a “to-travel bucket list” for after this time than to complain about the virus and just get a negative mood. This is why I want to share a few travel spots and my experiences and recommendations with you!

Activities / sightseeing spots:
The most classic sight of Rome. In my opinion it is enough to see it from the outside; the price is really not worth the view from the inside.

Forum romanum
Here you can take a walk through a part of the old roman city. Definitely worth it! The spirit you feel when you walk through the small streets, houses and temples is unique!

Hop on/ hop off buses
You can see the big red touristic buses almost in every big city. In Rome it is definitely worth it to buy a bus card. Even if it is expensive, you reach every important thing to see and do not have to pay public transport and another argument is the guided tour on your headphones you can listen to during the bus ride!

Terme di Caracalla
It is worth it`s price of 8 Euros, for people between 18 and 25 years from an EU-Country the ticket is even free. It is amazing to see how huge and modern buildings the Romans could build. Spoiler: In their thermal springs they even used under floor heating!

Park of the Villa Borghese
Here you can take a walk; chill out in the café or ride bicycles, this park is just amazing!

Lightshow in the evening at the foro de Caesar
Definitely my highlight of my Rome trip! In the evening you can see a light show in the foro, which shows you with many special effects and an audio guide how Caesar lived.

My personal summary / opinion:
For me my trip to Rome was the most amazing one I ever did! For me this place is amazing because of its huge history. But even for people, who are not interested in Roman history, this place is a perfect travel spot. In Rome there is always something going on and you have a high number of parks where to chill out. If the trouble in the city is too much for you and you just want to chill out on the beach, take the bus and in 40 minutes you will be able to. An important detail for visiting Rome is the weather! I am pretty sure even if it is raining you can find something great to do but it would be sad to miss the most important attractions because of it. Rome has something for everyone and if it gets to boring, which is almost impossible you can still go shopping in the stores!

Tatjana Thüner

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