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At the moment the only topic everybody is talking about is Corona. But I want to push away the negative vibes and let you dream a bit. It is better to do a “to-travel bucket list” for after this time than to complain about the virus and just get a negative mood. This is why I want to share a few travel spots and my experiences and recommendations with you!

No.6: Venice

Activities/sightseeing spots:

Doge`s palace
The doge`s palace is a huge building at the Marcus square. It`looking impressive even from the outside, but you can also get tickets to enter the palace. You can see impressive rooms and even the prison rooms. The entrance is expensive, but the ticket includes access to many other museums.

Marcus Dome/Marcus square
The Marcus dome is the most famous building in Venice. At the Marcus square you can visit this cathedral. The Square itself is kind of the central place in Venice, here you can see the most of the tourists walking by and you have a lot of sightseeing spots close to it.

Marcus tower/  Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
If you want to enjoy the view and look above Venice you have two options: The Marcus tower at the Marcus square or the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo with its spiral stair and beautiful balcony.

In Venice you have a high amount of art museums!

My personal summary/opinion:
Venice is a beautiful spirit with its own certain spirit. You should definitely visit this beautiful city in your lifetime. I was a bit surprised by the selection of tourist activities, I expected that I have more things to see or do. This is why I would recommend a trip to Venice for 3-5 days, but not longer. The best things to do in Venice is for sure getting lost in the city and just walks through the streets and admire the cute, little shops!

The canal grande, narrow streets and souvenir shops
The canal and little streets in whole Venice are a highlight for their self! The spirit when you walk through the narrow streets, stop by at the cute souvenir shops or do a break and sit down at the canal is a special one!

Venice`s carnival
Of course Venice is known for its Carnival. I had the chance to visit it for once. I have to be honest: I expected more from it. Of course carnival in Venice is a special and beautiful one, I guess I had to high expectations and the crowd of people was too much for me. You rarely had the chance to see something of the event with the huge amount of people

Tatjana Thüner

Projekt je financiran s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina objave odraža izključno stališča avtorja. Nacionalna agencija ter Evropska komisija nista odgovorni za kakršno koli uporabo informacij, ki jih objava vsebuje.

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