Travel destinations: Brussels

At the moment the only topic everybody is talking about is Corona. But I want to push away the negative vibes and let you dream a bit. It is better to do a “to-travel bucket list” for after this time than to complain about the virus and just get a negative mood. This is why I want to share a few travel spots and my experiences and recommendations with you!

No.4: Brussels

Activities/sightseeing spots:

The Atomium is a big building looking like an atom a bit outside of Brussels center. You can visit the Atomium and climb it to have a view above Brussels. I haven’t visited it, because I am not sure if the price is worth the view.

Mini Europe
In the mini Europe Park you can see many European cities as little buildings. It is interesting to see the park.

The Parlamentarium is a visitor exhibition from the European parliament. Interactive you can learn a lot about the European Union and it`s structure. You can visit it in every of the 24 official languages of the EU. The entrance is free and a visit definitely a must!

Hop on- hop off buses
I already mentioned hop on- hop off buses in my blog about Rome. In huge cities like Rome or Brussels it`s almost a duty to get tickets for the red, big buses. One advantage of them is, that you don’t have to get tickets for the public transportation anymore; another one is that during your ride in the bus you have the possibility to use an audio guide with interesting stories about the city. You can easily get off the bus at an interesting station, because the bus passes every interesting sightseeing spot. You have the possibility to take another bus every 30 minutes.

Museum of Horta
The Museum of Horta is a kind of different Museum. The Museum is placed in the house of the artist Horta. You can see the furniture and architectural style, which is a really beautiful and special one. Besides this you can also see Horta`s studio. Interesting museum for people interested in architecture.

Parc de Bruxelles
This park is not just good for relaxing during the day; also it’s a famous place during the evenings. The Park often invites to concerts of different artists in his beautiful bandstand. The concerts are public and for free.

My personal summary/opinion:
have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed about Brussels. Of course you have beautiful areas and nice things to do, but I am more an active tourist and prefer cities with a lot of things to do, but even if Brussels is a huge city you can`t see that much. A thing I really enjoyed was the park with it concerts. But I didn’t liked the spirit of the city, I felt like you could see the difference of society in this city a lot of times. Either you saw the “important” man in their suits or the poor people sitting on the street and begging.  I felt really insecure and unsafe in this city and was happy to have a travel companion with me.

Tatjana Thüner

Projekt je financiran s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina objave odraža izključno stališča avtorja. Nacionalna agencija ter Evropska komisija nista odgovorni za kakršno koli uporabo informacij, ki jih objava vsebuje.

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