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At the moment the only topic everybody is talking about is Corona. But I want to push away the negative vibes and let you dream a bit. It is better to do a “to-travel bucket list” for after this time than to complain about the virus and just get a negative mood. This is why I want to share a few travel spots and my experiences and recommendations with you!

No.9: Bremen

Activities/sightseeing spots:

The Marketplace
At Bremens Marketplace you can find some sightseeing spots.

->The town hall and dome of Bremen
You can visit the town hall and dome of Bremen. For not missing out anything, a good option for visiting the buildings is a guided tour.

->The “Town musicians of Bremen”
On Bremen`s marketplace you can`t find a statue, which shows the “Town musicians of Bremen”. The brothers Grimm once wrote a fairytale about them.

The Schnoor hood
The Schnoor hood is the oldest part of Bremen. Here you can find a lot of nice little store`s. The streets are so narrow that around the whole hood there are no cars allowed, which leads to a calmly atmosphere.

Guided city tours
As well as the most popular cities, Bremen is offering a lot of guided city tours. A special one: The “walk with night watchman”. By participating in this guided tour you can feel the spirit of the old city Bremen. The costume and the late evening atmosphere make the tour even more special!

Oversea museum
In the oversea museum in Bremen you can experience every continent of the world by little exhibitions about every single one of them.

My personal opinion/ summary
I, personally, really enjoy the spirit and atmosphere of Bremen. I visited Bremen for a weekend and have to say that one weekend is enough to see everything. Bremen is a bigger city but still the atmosphere is really calm and peaceful, that`s what I enjoyed the most.

Tatjana Thüner

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