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The first thing that I noticed at the Trbovlje train station was the mysterious mountains shrouded in mist. I didn’t know back then that few days later I’d be watching it from a totally different perspective. But let’s start from the beginning.

My journey from Poland to Slovenia was not that long and surprisingly comfortable (little neck aching and the loudly snoring neighbour don’t count). When I first saw the town I had to live in the following three months I was excited. The landscape was different -far away from flat– then what I am used to.

While speaking with locals the word ‘Kum’ came up a few times. I later found out that it is the highest mountain in neighbourhood. They didn’t need to mention it a second time. I took my backpack, stretched my legs and went on an expedition into the unknown.

Firstly, I had to walk from the MCT to the train station. It took me approximately 30 minutes. In that time I could see a part of the city that I haven’t seen before. As soon as I crossed the bridge the whole journey has only just started. Not even 100 meters up the road I had to make my first choice. Čebulova dolina (3,5h) or Dobovec (3h)? That was simple, of course I chose the longer way. Like in life I like to make things harder. My expectations were getting higher and higher and the road was getting steeper and steeper.

I was pretty tired when I suddenly saw this gorgeous valley.  The view was just breath-taking and that was just the beginning. Mountains, trees, grass, the Sun, a little cottage… everything was so perfect. I definitely encourage everyone who hasn’t been there to go see it.

The only thing that was disturbing me was why was I the only person who was hiking up to Kum. I haven’t met anyone. But that changed a few kilometres later. I saw a woman with a cute dog and one group of 4 people.

I looked at my watch and 3,5 hours had already passed but I still haven’t seen the peak. I was running out of my breath but fortunately half an hour later my wish finally came true. I forgot all about my aching legs and just felt the wind blowing through my hair. The view was extremely beautiful. I sat on the bench and admired everything that surrounded me. After resting for a bit and taking in the view I took a lot of pictures.

On my way back I chose the other way. I had to watch out for cars but I could see the chimney in all its glory. It was mesmerising to the point that it almost stunned me.

It was one of the best trips that I’ve ever experienced in Slovenia. I will never forget it. At the end of the trip my legs gave out but the satisfaction and the different views I got from it were totally worth it!


Written by: Magdalena Wójcik[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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