To read or not to read?

Nowadays reading is an activity people have not so much time for – there are some activities which are considered much more important than reading. This is the main reason why reading remains in the background. In order to become reading one of the primary activities, it should be something which starts at an early age, so there must be built a valuable relationship between little children and reading.

Now you might have the question: why is reading important or what are the reasons you shouldn’t read to your child or why you shouldn’t read either?

You should never read a story to your child, if you don’t want his imagination to get improved – otherwise he will have a wealthy imagination and he will be more inventive (as an adult too). Either you shouldn’t read to your child, if you don’t want him to ask you a lot of questions – otherwise he will do it and he will become an adult who will not accept everything as it is, but will think. If you don’t want your kid to have a rich vocabulary and you don’t want him to express himself better, than you shouldn’t read to him and don’t let him to read either. If you don’t want him to discover places he’s never known before and characters  he’s never met before then better you should stop reading to him and forbid him doing it too. Generally, if you don’t want him to have a better understanding of the world (as an adult too), than you should just forget the word reading and the meaning of it too.

Where, when and what to read? At home, not at home, inside, outside, when it is raining, when it is sunny, in the morning, in the evening, in the night, in the afternoon, on the bus station, on the train, while waiting, while travelling; novels, poems, short stories, fairytales, ballads … the chances are unlimited!

So … to read or not to read?

Author: Csilla Szasz

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