Theatre for Inclusion Training Course


On a sunny and peaceful Slovenian week from the 20th till the 24th of November a group of youth workers and theater professionals from Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Ireland, and Russia took a part in the exciting journey together into learning new tools and techniques for using theatre for in their work, under the title of the training: “Theatre for Inclusion”. The activity was designed as a long term partnership in order to root the theater method in the activities of the grass root organizations engaged in the project.

First day of the training was dedicated to learning more about each other, each other’s organizations and work, together with personal views on how the theatre may be used for working with young people and marginalized communities. We got to share a lot about our own experiences at the same time uncovering the potential of the theatre in the work for inclusion. Then, the group have flown into learning the way the Theatre of the Oppressed (El Teatro de Oprimido of famous Brazilian director and drama professional Augusto Boal) may be used through the workshop of an invited trainer Barbara. On the third day of the training the participants got to learn more about the impression theatre, theatre of the movement, sound and showing personal story through improvisation by amazing trainers from Italy Giuliano and Mirtilla.

Foto: arhiv MCT

The highlight of the training course was the practical experience received by the participants while performing the theater workshop on the topic of personal, social and poetic values for the people with special needs in the town of Zagorje ob Savi, local center VDC (Occupational Activity Centre for people with special needs). The workshop trainers were impressed with how opened and willing to participate and contribute were the participants of the workshop. The event lasted for almost two hours and brought a lot of good emotions and feelings for everybody who was engaged in the activity.

Overall, the training course brought a lot of personal and professional development into the work of the participants. It taught us the new forms and ways to use the theater, developed the intercultural connections between each other and with the local community, and encouraged us to continue the creative and meaningful work that we are doing in our home countries.

The cooperation will continue with the meeting in March of 2018, for a contact making seminar, stay tuned for the updates!

Written by: Evdokia Romanova

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