The Essay about Myself

I am from Bursa, Turkey and 23 years old. I graduated from Uludag University, Primary School Education in June 2018. I would like to share with you where I lived. During my bachelor degree, I went on Erasmus twice. At first, I went to Tallinn, Estonia for 6 months in 2015. Then, I became an Erasmus exchange student in Ljubljana, Slovenia for 4,5 months in 2017-2018. During my stay in Ljubljana, the half part of my internship took place at Oš Oskarja Kovačiča primary school and I accomplished it. Apart from this, Thanks to my Erasmus experiences I had a chance to travel a lot. I have been some countries and cities around Europe such as Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungry.

I want to share my work experience with you. During my university life, I worked on a part-time job as a saleswoman at LC Waikiki- one of the big clothes shopping in Turkey. By that way, I have learned how to manage some conflicts during working and improved my communication skills about people. I have learned how to work under stressful conditions and sustain my work through stress.      Apart from this, I have been a volunteer at the organization, TEGV( The Educational Volunteers of Turkey) for two and half years. Thanks to my volunteering work, I learned better how to communicate with the kids, create some activities by myself and how to teach kids better by having fun. These things also helped me to improve my sense of humor. During my voluntary work, I experienced using Drama in teaching and getting know each other in a group of people by using it. I got training about teaching Mathematics in a fun way. For example, Introducing symmetry subject by doing origami or creating some tools to learn geometry to see its function in our lives.

What is more, I do have some skills which I am able to integrate my work. When I study at a University I had some lessons which gave me the ability to do some activities in an efficient way. For instance, I play children songs with my metallophone and teach it to kids. I know some basic Drama methods to make the curriculum more fun and enhance to the level of community in a group of people. I am also able to teach mathematics in different ways which make kids more active and engaged with a practical part of learning.

Apart from above-mentioned things, I would mention my personal interests. Cooking is my passion. I find myself again and over again by cooking. I am keen on doing Yoga, meditation and reading about self-discovery, mindfulness, and pedagogy. Being in nature always appeals to me. I love spending time hiking, walking. In the basic level, I do ski, origami, some artworks, and drawing. I love writing a story for kids and using it while working with them. Time with the kids make me really refresh and fully in the moment. In addition, I find learning new things always cool!  When I engage with working, communicating I always focuse on what I can get/learn from it.

I want to mention my learning motivation and learning barrier in general. At first, My learning motivation includes three important points: Space( for sharing what I learn, also emotionally, what I feel.) Benefits( During the learning process how I can make it useful in reality. It must be meaningful.), and Getting Joy/Having focusile learning. To move on my learning barrier, If I have negative/ uncomfortable emotions for the learning environment and people I cannot focus and learn efficiently. I feel fine and relieved when I know my responsibilities, people and the environment well. Then I do not let the negative things make me down.

My Personality

I am the ambitious, diligent and positive person in work and personal life. I love to cheer people up when I notice that they are not in good mood. I am open-minded for accepting all difference I face. Also, I sometimes I feel 5 years old when it comes to be curious:) I am open and curious to learn all new things around me.  I love to avoid my comfort zone and face the challenges. Because in that way I feel more alive. In a teamwork, I am a responsible person to accomplish my task. I could motive myself and my teamwork by telling them how their work is important for all of us. I am straightforward in communicating in a group, too.


Thank you for being curious about me!

Seda Nur Ergul


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