Štilček. Serious business.


Hillarious, outstanding, so true’to’life! Some words to describe the main cultural event of the year. Speculum Artium as it is, kids facing reality without internet, chinese shop with its secrets and endless struggle between Trbovlje and Zagorje accompanied by the theme from Pirates of Caribbean. Bursting with laughter in the audience hall and later discussing the best of the show during the cocktail party the majority of people hardly can imagine what a huge job was done to make all city scream “Njaaaa!” for the whole next week.

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Making people laugh is a serious business. So Štilčki production is. It has its rules and laws and function like a local Dream Factory. With its high-profile directors, experienced scriptwriters, rich sponsors, big and rising stars, strict censorship and hard deadlines. Speaking about deadlines, the preparations usually start in November, but this year the team was so professional that coped to write and rehearse everything into one month. So in spite the kind recommendations of the director (Mirza Ribič, ladies and gentlemen), the true preparations started in the end of December.


Štilčki is not just a bundle of separate sketches made by somebody’s mad imagination. Every Štilčki has its own theme (each year different) that combines that short crazy fantasies into one whole piece. The conception of the event was inspired by Slovenian railroad, well-known and unpredictable at the same time like the life itself. On the basis of the conception a red line is written. So, two girls on the stage (Ana Špajzer and Živa Lisec ) who were exploring the strange world of Zasavje were our red line. All the dialogues, situations and jokes that occurred to the girls’ characters they wrote themselves (that actually deserves Štilček 2018, just for the record).

The sketches themselves were inspired by practically everything and the majority of ideas were already on the list. The small thing remained: to write separate sketches for five minute each. For this the whole team of scriptwriters worked practically every day. There’s no point to enlist all of them, because they are quite known and all of them were on the stage. But if you forgot, adding to Mirza, Ana and Živa there were Katra Kozinc, Annemarie Jerman, Čaja Kop, Jaka Kunič and Rok Kreže.

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Speaking about rising stars, this year a significant part of Štilčki was written by the youngest members of Svoboda. Meet Kevin Hudarin, Adi Ahmetovic, Gašper Nemet, Stella Pleša, Larisa Kus and Lana Motoh who with the improvization methodics of Marie Castel made at least two sketches about kids without internet, elections and cinema.


I also was a part of Stilčki. An that’s literally an honour. My sketch about Ivan and Boris from Novosibirsk was staged with the protection of David Lindič. And it was a huge relief when it was approved by the director and when it was performed on the stage (brilliantly) I was just fascinated. So, that’s how I visited the both sides. And believe me, everything I described is just a tip of the iceberg. There’s no words to describe all the huge work it covers to make all city scream “Njaaaa!” for the whole next week.

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