Solidarity in my local community

Example: Red Cross FBIH

Period in which we are living right now, is probably the saddest and difficult period for all the world. But it also is good time, to show that there is still examples of solidarity and empathy in this world. Than an idea of writing this blog came to me, and I was asking myself which is the best example that can show us this, and than I realised it is Red Cross. In this blog I will write you about Red Cross of FBIH. But why Red Cross ? Red Cross since its beginning is serving to humanity, its serving for the needs of those who are most vunerable, and it is the best example to give in period of COVID- 19 pandemy. To be able to give you informations and examples of solidarity in Red Cross FBIH, I had interviewed one of the volunteers, and also my colegue from faculty and once again thank you.

So what is Red Cross  of FBIH, doing rigth now, and why is it a good example for solidarity and empathy? One of the things, which Red Cross is offering to people in BIH, are : food and hygiene packages, psychological help, and also some things for dezinfection, and gloves for protection. Concrete activities that volunteers are doing is : going to shopping, buying medicine and food, delivering all of that to the address of the person who asked for help, also they do the promotion of health and protection of Covid-19 . But how does one working day of volunteer look like? The working day starts really early, phones are ringing all the day, and they are working more than eight hours per day, so that they can help all of those who need and asked for help, at the end of the day, they go home tired but satisfied and happy.

I asked them what they think, is there solidarity in our society, and the answer really impressed me: “We are an empathetic nation, we showed that through many examples, and also now during this pandemy, of course it always can be better, but we have a lot of volunteers and proffesionals, who are doing everything to make it more easier in these times”. I also asked them, what is solidarity for them: “Solidarity is empathy, it is a feeling when you really want to help, and to make it easy for someone, we know that we can not changed the world, but small steps can do a lot”.  

Once again I want to say thank you, to all the volunteers and people who are included in helping others, you are our heroes!  So,think what is solidarity for you, do you have examples of solidarity in your local community, are they visible enough?

Until next time,
Fatima Mahmutović

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