Sofija’s story

Sofije Zenuni just started the EVS in Slovenia. An adventure which is organized by Mladinski Center in Trbovlje within the ERASMUS+ Program.

While being lost, she found herself in EVS in Slovenia.

Sofija’s life

Sofije Zenuni, 19, is from Kosovo and just finished the first year in International Business faculty in ILIRIA College in Prishtina/ Kosovo. She was born in Bitia Epërme and she lives in a village near Ferizaj called Pleshinë e ulët. She finished high school in Gymnasium of Languages “Dr. Shaban Hashani” in Ferizaj.

When she was 1 year she got eye cancer and lost the right eye. After 6 surgeries and 1-year chemo in Italy she was cured. An experience which inspired her to be a volunteer and serve the community.

She is a volunteer in many organizations in Kosovo, such as: Day Care Center “Pema”, Institute for promoting education, Center for Economic and social development, Unicef etc. In 2016 she founded a non-formal group for volunteers called “Nur”. Now the group has 20 volunteers and has done many projects for Ferizaj. Most of the projects were about education, feminism, children with special needs etc.

She loves reading, hiking, traveling, loves science and is obsessed with nature. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and loves reading classic books. She is also into ancient things and loves second hand stores. 

Sofija before coming in Slovenia

After finishing all the exams in her faculty, she was doing internship in CESD (Center for economic and social development) and volunteering as a mentor for EVS volunteers.

The internship was supposed to last for 6 months and it was about managing projects. Her job in the internship was to write Erasmus+ projects, organize events, translate documents from English to Albanian, be a mentor to EVS volunteers etc.

She finished the internship after a month because she had to work with her group and teach the volunteers about volunteering and also opportunities how to contribute in the society.

During her internship she also had to translate this Erasmus+ project (Start your adventure in MCT) for other people which was going to be held in Slovenia. This translation opened another window for her.

Sofija in Slovenia

After finishing her last project with her group, she decided to apply for the project in Slovenia which is called Start your adventure in MCT. After translating the project in Albanian, she noticed that the project was going to be happen outdoors, in nature. Since she likes nature and animals she decided to apply in this project. Saying all of it in a sentence: ALL THE THINGS THAT SHE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT WERE INCLUDED ON THE PROJECT.

“When I first came in Slovenia, I just cannot describe the feeling. It felt like home… It is so hard to describe it in words, but I can assure you that it was the best feeling ever! The people here are so nice, and I like how they greet with each other every time they meet. Though they don’t know me, they always say hi to me which is awesome! And as for the MCT, they are doing a good job and I like all the activities, even the youth workers are so nice with you and they take care of you. I sort of am trying all the things here, the ones I never did before! I have never been rafting, and on 11th of August we went rafting, which was the best experience and I enjoyed it so much! Then the next day we went hiking in Kum and I got the chance to see the beauty of Slovenia. I cannot wait for the next places I am going to visit! I know people say that you cannot know how the weather is going to be just by looking outside on the morning, but I have a feeling that I am going to learn a lot from this adventure and I have no doubt that it is going to be the best experience I have ever experienced!

I cannot wait for the next days to come and all the things I’m going to learn here! Before coming I didn’t have any plans. I was kind of lost. When I saw the project, I knew that these are all the things I am passionate about and I knew that it will help me to find my way back.

So yes, I lost myself and I found it here in Slovenia!”

Sofija Zenuni

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