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Since 2017, Trbovlje Youth Center has been implementing the strategic partnership project in the Erasmus + program called Safe Haven. We developed three intellectual results in the project: a manual for local communities, a simulation game and the network of organizations for future co-operation. Allow us to present you the third result – a network of international organizations Safe Haven.

Since the break-out of the refugee crisis in 2015, the media often report about migrant issues, which often results in spreading intolerance, radicalization, the rampage of hate speech, and the division of people into groups FOR or AGAINST. It is especially worrying that many negative reactions come from young people. In the flood of negative publicity and uprising policy of fear, we often forget that successful integration is not only the responsibility of immigrants, but the society itself needs to be adapted in all segments. Partners in the project realized that organizations do not have a quality tool or partners for working with young people to address the problem of rising intolerance towards migrations. Therefore, the international network “Safe Haven” was created as the third intellectual result in the project. The network was built by the partners in the two-year Safe Haven Strategic Partnership – Trbovlje Youth Center from Slovenia, Global Link from Great Britain, Stowarzyszenie Rozwoja and Mlodziezy Integration from Poland and Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi from Turkey.

One of the key factors for the success of the project is a solid and reliable partnership. Partners in the project wanted to expand the already existing network of partners and connect them to a community that will be available to all organizations in the youth sector and wider. The network is the result of the explicit need of all participating partners for better quality partnerships, which are a key to project success and a guarantee for reducing project risks. We have created a collection of 30 verified, high quality and reliable organizations from Europe and wider, working in various fields and having experience in the topics discussed (tolerance, intercultural dialogue, hate speech, activation of young people). The purpose of the network is to strengthen the permanent European cooperation of organizations in these fields with the aim of transferring good practices, mutually beneficial and effective project work. The network thus establishes a supportive environment for the activation of young people in the international youth environment and is as such available for partnerships also for less experienced organizations, giving them the opportunity to strengthen in a secure partnership.

You can access the network HERE.

You can access the interactive map HERE.

If you want to become part of the network as an organization, contact us at

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