Fenja, PROSTOVOLJKA iz Nemčije, ki bo pri nas na dolgoročnem prostovoljstvu v okviru ESE (Evropske solidarnostne enote) se v nadaljevanju predstavi.

Hello, I’m Fenja. I am 20 years old and come from Germany.
I am a very open-minded, optimistic and social person. I am a long-time volunteer with the “European Solidarity Corps” and will be staying here for six months to help teaching German at the “Gimnazija in ekonomska srednja šola” in Trbovjle. My job is to help the students with their pronunciation, exercises, to talk about typical things from Germany and to give them tutoring.

During my time in Trbovjle I hope that I will have the chance to learn a lot of new things. I would like to discover this wonderful country, the culture and to meet new people, new friends. I want to make new experiences, to get out of my comfort zone and to grow as a person.

I’ve been here for almost a month now and I have my own room at ZMŠT, which is nice because there are a lot of interesting activities going on here. The landscape around Trbovjle is beautiful and I have already been on a few hikes to explore the area. Additionally, I met some great and open-minded people from around and got a great mentor too.  My organizer Venesa Smodiš is also very kind and takes a lot of her effort to make me feel comfortable here. I am very grateful for this opportunity to volunteer in Trbovjle and am looking forward to an exciting time with hopefully many new experiences.

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