Hi, I’m Gaia!

In July, Trbovlje Youth centre hosts a group of 5 Italian students on an Erasmus+ KA01 VET practice project called “BRIGHT – A bridge between digital competences and cultural heritage across Europe. Meet the participants

Hi, I am Gaia and  I come from Italy. I live in a small medieval city in the country side not far from the mountains. At the moment I am studying at Liceo Classico which focuses on Italian literature, ancient Greek culture and Latin. I truly like my school and I think it will prove to be very useful in the future.
Well, I have many different passions. I love taking pictures, especially portraits. My favourite photographer is Richard Avedon and I use to take inspiration from his works. Then I like reading crime books and listening to music. I love all kinds of sport, especially swimming and running. I also like computers and whatever is connected with IT; plus I am interested in the communication field, specially video-making and radio.

Some pictures by Avedon, my inspiration

Trbovlje is a small city in the middle of Slovenia, before coming here I had never heard about it but once there I found out that it is a beautiful town surrounded by nature and hills. It is a modern town, there are many parks and sports centers here, there is also an amazing outdoor swimming pool and many basketball courts.

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