Positively surprised

As a meat eater it was very challenging for me to only eat vegan food for a whole week. But as days passed, I got more comfortable with it and started to enjoy it.

Cooking food was a little bit weird because we used ingredients that I was not familiar with. Instead of milk we used coconut water, we used vegan cheese, vegan pasta and much more for me unfamiliar things. At the first thought I was sure that the meal won’t be as tasty as our everyday food. As my colleagues finished cooking and I tried the food, as was positively shocked because the taste was surprisingly good.

We made many different meals from cauliflower rice to vegan burgers. But the one that stayed in my mind was the vegan ice-cream. It was made from frozen bananas, coconut milk and any other fruit that you wanted in your ice-cream. Then we put it all in a blender and mixed it for a minute or two. We were told to eat it fast so it wouldn’t melt. But there was no worries for that as we eat all the ice-cream in 5 minutes.

I was fascinated by how many vegan meals existed. At the end of the project we even made a cookbook with a lot of recipes, some of which were originated from countries our visitors came from (Greece, Malta, Portugal and Slovenia).

I used to be very picky, but trying new food (especially vegan) has changed my mentality. If anyone wanted to try eating vegan I would very recommend it.

Erik Remetić

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