Outbreak : After five months which I have spended on my ESC experience, unexpected thing happened, Covid19 outbreak pandemy. These five months were great, I was in the middle of my project, teaching English, having different kind of workshops and organazing media campain with my coleagues, and than suddenly something happened, that changed not just my plans, it changed plans of all world. Everything as I said before was great, and now I just remember the day when people from my hosting organization told me, they stop to work, that I can go home and everything happened in just one day. I could not believe what was happening, I saw empty shops, stores, pharmacies, people panicing, I felt like it was war condition and I never felt more scared than in that moment. It was hard decision in that moment to took, go home or stay in Slovenia in lockdown, in that moment your emotions are mixed, it is new situation for everyone, I wanted to go home but on the other side I did not want to leave my friends. I was leaving one family to get to the another family, and at the end I choosed to go home, until this pandemy passes.

Back home again: Coming home this time was different, borders were ful, checks were everywhere, it was unsafe to travel more than ever. And this time coming home means staying in self-isolation, for 14 days, because I was coming from another country back to BIH. Self-isolation was completely new experience for me, it was hard and stressfull because, you can not touch them, hug them, or any closer contact. In that time was chaos everywhere, a lot of local people from BIH started to blaim strangers for what was happening, in these times some of my friends really gave me support and my family also. But sometimes I felt guilty because I came back to my country. But now these 14 days are past for me, me and my family are safe and healthy. Now all of this is just a bad dream.

World lockdown routine: Sometimes we have to experience all of this, to become more stronger, and appreciate more things in life that we have. I can see that this was a great lecture for me, yes it was scary and stressfuul, but it also made me stronger. After my self-isolation ended, I continue my life, as all of us in period of world lockdown. I read a lot of books, watched movies, took some walks, and also played with my best friend in that time, my dog Rex. It was hard to know I can not meet my friends, visit my grandpa, and have a life that I had before this, but than I realised that staying in home I can safe lives, protect my family, and I said to myself this shall pass too. So this is a message from me to all of you this shall pass too.

Until next time,
Fatima Mahmutović

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