Our first week in Trbovlje!

We, from the Erasmus BRIGHT project wanted to talk a little about our impressions and experiences of our first week here at the youth centre.

So, I interviewed my friends, snooped around a bit and here is what I found out. Enjoy!

  • How did you feel during your first days here at the Trbovlje youth centre?

FEDERICO : I felt a little disoriented, but also excited and thrilled!

The first three introductory days at the youth centre were planned very well and they really helped me open up and drive away that little amount of fear that was still holding me back.

CHIARA : At first, I felt out of place, disoriented and a little stressed, but after I started working I got used to the rhythm and I felt more at ease, like I had found a place for me where I could do what I was good at while spending my time in a productive way.

  • What do you like the most about youthwork?

FEDERICO : The fact that, little by little, it helps me gain new organisation skills, professionality, awareness and velocity; likewise the friendliness on the job and the feeling of satisfaction that I get from reaching my goals are great and they keep driving me forward.

CHIARA: I really appreciate that I have more freedom concerning my work and that I am learning how to be independent and responsible: I am picking up on how to respect my deadlines because I know that other people are counting on me and that I will cause them trouble if I don’t finish in time.

  • What is your favourite spot in Trbovlje?

FEDERICO: The basketball court for sure! The one near the river, before the sports centre.

You see, basketball is my favourite sport, and here in Trbovlje I had a chance to hone my skills a little during my free time in this court.

Back where I’m from, we don’t have many of these, and even if you find one that is comfortably close, you will probably have to pay to enter, so I never had much of a chance to train.

 But here I can have all the fun that I want!

 Also, I met new people of my same age there, and we started to socialize and get to know each other while dunking and passing.

CHIARA: I think my favourite spot might be the swimming pool: I come from Civitanova Marche, a port city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, relatively near Ancona;

ever since I was little, I loved swimming in the sea, and I spent most of my summer vacations submerged.  

So, when I came to Trbovlje, after a while, I started to feel homesick missing the salty air and bustling beaches.

The swimming pool was like a life vest, it fondly reminded me of home and of my treasured sea.

It’s really big, there is space for everyone, you can feel the awesome and playful atmosphere and the lukewarm water keeps me calm and relaxed.

Raziskovanje Trbovelj: Planina
  • Did the youth centre meet your expectations?

FEDERICO:Yes, it surely did: I was hoping that I would get an opportunity to improve on a personal level and to confront myself with the working world and the youth centre delivered without any problems at all; I really feel like I am getting better at what I do and that I am gaining social awareness and responsibility.

also, the environment in the youth centre is cosy and welcoming, so I found no problems fitting in.


To be honest, before coming here, I was expecting something different, a stricter environment full of rules that I would have had to adapt to and overcome as a personal challenge; so when I was first exposed to youth work I was taken back a little, I didn’t know what to expect anymore.

But in the end, I was delighted by what we do here, what we work towards, and all my worries faded:

I find my job challenging and engaging, rewarding and satisfying, so in the end I can say that yes, it really did meet my expectations.

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