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Marina Savić from Bosnia and Herzegovina volunteered for 2 months in Zasavje region, in Slovenia. This is her story.

I always saw in EVS a great opportunity. An experience in a foreign country, for free.  And when I found the opportunity to be an EVS volunteer, in Slovenia, I thought it was perfect: I would get the chance to do something for myself but, at the same time, for somebody else, which is much more gratifying.

After a working experience in few NGO’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina I’ve decided to look for another strong experience with a project dedicated to nature lovers. Because for me nature is not place to visit, it is home.



Everything started and ended in Zasavje region which lies in the heart of Slovenia, by the middle course of the Sava river and is surrounded by numerous hills and mountains among which the highest is Kum also called the Zasavje Triglav. It consists of the municipalities Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje ob Savi.

Project and all tasks were developed by the Alpine Association of Slovenia. I was a part of group of 3 EVS volunteers who marked the part of the Slovenian Cycle Trail that runs through Zasavje region. We set up markings (for hikers and cyclists) and signposts on a cca. 140 kilometer Cycle Trail through beautiful Zasavje region. The surrounding hills were our everyday office. We meet a lot of farmers during the hot summer days, so our brakes were more than interested because we heard some very amazing life stories of people who are living all their lifes far away from civilisation.

Also, we promoted Zasavje region on our own social networks because the beauty of the nature was incredible and we wanted to share as much as we could by ourselves. On the other hand, some radio stations and National TV SLO station visited us so they did the main part of our work promotion to the public.

We also participate in socio-cultural activities such as “The Day of European Languages” in a local school or in a “Funšterc” – gastronomic contest of traditional Slovenian dishes, we were part of photo competition in organisation of Youth Center Trbovlje and many more.

In the end it was worth it to spend every second in the hills of Zasavje region, in the heart of Slovenia. I’m sure I’ll be back and that you will read more from me about this region and his beauty.

Zasavje region good luck – srečno!

Marina Savić

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