Now it is nearly one year ago that I decided to do a volunteering service somewhere on this world. In that moment I would have never thought that I will be in Slovenia for 6 month. But now one year later I am at the end of my six month here in Trbovlje. So many great things have happen to me during my time here. Things that made me the way I am now. I wouldn’t say that you can go on an EVS and say in the end I will be a totally different but you should definitely know that there will be a change. Now, after six month living abroad I know that all the little things you experience make you to what you are in the end. So one the one hand you have it in your own hands how many things you will experience but on the other hand you can’t really influence it because there will situations you wouldn’t have accepted. For myself I maybe understood a little bit too late that the time of EVS is created by your own. Of course you apply for a special workplace but even there you are mostly your own creator of how your story of EVS will look like in the end. For my story I decided to make it three month shorter because I am absolutely satisfied right now how it. I am satisfied because I reached my personal goals. I hadn’t had lots of expectation on my EVS but one was that I wanted to experience something absolutely different and the other one was that I wanted to find out what I will do after the time abroad. Now I defiantly know what I want to do. I want to collect more experiences somewhere else to get to know more about my future. So I am totally happy and satisfied even if I leave three months earlier.  And of course I gained much more then these two things. I learned to live on my own but on the other hand how it is to live with total new people together. I even learned about learning and so many things about different countries, cultures and people. Maybe not everything you experience or learn is something you liked, enjoyed but that is how experiences are built. So to go on an EVS was one of the best decisions in my life and I would do it any time again and recommend it to everyone who has the chance.


Ann-Christin, EVS volunteer at GESŠ and MCT


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