Mind your Body – challenge your Body

Since the beginning of the year I have been finding myself waking up, going to work, going home and sleeping.  Then, I start all-over. But, this past week for once things have changed. I managed to wake up early to a kitchen filled of strangers, who now I love and will miss.  I got to experience a week in Slovenia for the ‘Mind your Body’ youth exchange. Everyday I was challenged to my limits through exercise, workshops and reflection.

Usually, myself I exercise in a gym, train wrestling and run on a hill.  However, in Slovenia this was different. With this group of strangers I did things I never expected myself to be able to do.  I got to go to an adrenaline park in which we got to see ourselves climb up and down, test our fear of heights and prove our strengths.  We experienced what more of a mental game it is to climb and go down a mountain then a physical one. Furthermore, we were reminded how it feels like  to workout out on a high intensity in the scorching sun. Thus, Slovenia has proven to be a great place to challenge yourself through exercise

Moreover,  we got to extend our knowledge of specific health topics in workshops.  Stress was one of the main topics in which we saw what stress is, what causes our stress and how we can overcome our stress.  In addition, we also discussed our diets and what we can improve in it and also how, what we do on a daily basis, with our time can also be improved.

Finally, everyday throughout the whole youth exchange we got to sit down for 30 minutes and self-analyze ourselves.  All of us forget to sit down even just once a month and analyze our day, week and month. We have a habit of letting things go, letting life dominate us.  We don’t realize sometimes all we need is to sit down and think, so we can execute better. Thus, I am thankful I got to self-analyze myself everyday, deepen my self thoughts.

I am proud and happy to have been part of this youth exchange with 23 other people.  Not only did we get to experience different workouts and routines but we also got to create relationships which will stay forever. (Hopefully)


Jack Attard Cassar, Malta

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