That’s me! I am Ann-Christin and I left a town near Hamburg to spend the next nine months in Trbovlje. For all who have no idea where Trbovlje is it is a town in the middle of Slovenia. For now I am here since nearly three weeks and what should I say. It is a very small country which I did not really know before. Now I know that it is a very beautiful country with lots of hills. That is a big difference for me to live in the hills now. And one other big difference is the good weather. Since I am here the sun is always shining it feels like summer for me.

Short some facts about me. I finished school in this summer. I love to do sports, spending time outside, experience new things and get to know new things I haven’t tried before. Of course I love to travel and see many new places. One of my passions is cooking so I love to spend lots of time in kitchen. I also try to bake but there always something doesn’t work.

Why I decided to apply for an EVS is because I wanted a break of school things and learning. Now I am working in the Gymnasium but I think that is quite different because I am not a student anymore. I will see the school life out of the other perspective. I will spend the next nine months four days per week in the Gymnasium but I also work one day in the Youth Centre. In the school I am going to help the two German teachers during their lessons. I will prepare things for the lessons for example little presentations and help the students and the teacher whenever I can.

I am looking forward the next month and all the things which will happen to me in my year here in Slovenia.

Ann-Christin, EVS volunteer in GESŠ and MCT


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