So on the 17th of August we started an exchange called Laguage up! I won’t tell you about the whole exchange, but I will tell you about one day that i enjoyed the most. It was the trip we had to Nova Gorica. It all started at 6 in the morning  when we had to get up. As we all know not everyone is a morning person, so some of them were sleepy and were not in a good mood, but only I was dancing and singing. So we went on the bus at 7 and started our trip. It was a 2,5 hour ride till we arrived. First we arrived at the city Nova Gorica. We learned about the city that stands in two countries: Slovenia and Italy. So we walked aroud the city and saw some amazing buildings and monuments. The next stop was the mountain Sabotin where there was a secret hiding place during the world war 1. Next to this mountain is a hill that was called the bloodiest mountain during the war. I found that tour really exciting because of the really large numbers that i’ve heard and the history that i’ve never learned in school. We had lunch there to, the tradicional kisla repa s klobaso. After we had lunch we went to the river Soča. Some of them went for a drink / coffee, but the rest of us went swiming. It was so funny to wach others how they strugled walking in the water. If i remember right the water had 11 °C, so it was really really cold. We went for a little swim and it was really refreshing, because it was a really hot day. The highlight of that moment was when Patricija had Kostas hat and the wind blew it of hear head, fell into the watter and we never saw his hat again. RIP Kostas hat… Anyways, when we arrived home we were really sad that it was over because it was a really fun day i will never forget.

P.S. I really hope i will had the oprotunity to see all of them again because they really became my familiy. I love them soo much and i hope i’ll see them soon.

Nastja Planinc

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