On August 17th we started an exchange at MCT regarding languages. There were four groups from 4 different countries. Danish group, Greek group, Portuges group and my group, the Slovenian group. The exchange lasted for a week and it consisted of two workshops daily and a cultural evening. One day excluded as we visit Nova Gorica and Sabotin, where we had guided tours.

For me this was a first exchange and at the begining i felt a bit nervous, but after talking to people, that soon faded. Out of all i most enjoyed the newspaper theatre, where we read articles out of newspapers from different countries, compared them, found similarities and made a short play about our choosen topic. I also really enjoyed the trip and teaching others slovenian language, as well as learning others. On the exchange many things happend and many will stay in my memory. The people i met opened my eyes to different perspectives and told me many great stories about their life in their country and their life in general. I hope i’ll see them again soon, stay in contact, join more exchanges and be able to learn even more interesting things alongside with unforgetable expiriences.

Patricija Sekelj

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