It’s me, Chiara !

In July, Trbovlje Youth centre hosts a group of 5 Italian students on an Erasmus+ KA01 VET practice project called “BRIGHT – A bridge between digital competences and cultural heritage across Europe. Meet the participants.

I’m an eighteen year-old Italian high school student,  who decided to apply for an Erasmus+ project. I live in a city at the sea side in the middle of the country. I wanted to do this project to improve my English and to get an experience that will help me with my future job. I’m here here in Trbovlje since just four days and I have to confess that I already miss home! Maybe because I’ve never been far from home for so long.  Everything is different here; the food, the people, the language and the use. But it’s a experience that I had to do, If I wanted to live like an adult.

I will stay here for a month and I hope that this will help me to become a more responsible person. I’m not a extrovert  person so I don’t speak so much with people I don’t know,  but after a little time together I become more sociable. I used to spend a lot of time alone, so I used to read a lot. It is very relaxing  and I used to try various genres, I had read even a lot of English books .

Right now I don’t usually draw at home, I prefer do it at school, maybe during my math lessons. Because I prefer to do it in a quiet place, in intimacy.

I used to even try different genres of music. When I was in elementary school, I discovered Avril Lavigne, at the beginning of middle school I become a Taylor Swift fan, but after some years I become tired of every Italian or American song that I listened to on the radio and I needed something new, so I began listening to Kpop, a “new” wave  of music. I’m also into the old school music like The Queen, The Beatles and Nirvana. This was like a detoxification from the new music that is so in vogue in my country, a breath of fresh air . When I’m at home, I like to watch tv shows or historic documentaries. So this is me!

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