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[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]You know … I’m not a writer, painter, actor, dancer nor a singer, but during the week of the Artopia exchange, I could be anything.


First day

At first, the thought of hosting people in your hometown did not reallyseem like anything special. I was actually thinking about not being a part of it, it sounded boring. Then the first group came (the Polish group)and I was a bit confused and nervous to meet them. The first arrival day was sort of unofficial, so I could go home to sleep…  and I did, because I was kind of scared to confront everyone and everything, I guess.


During the exchange

The next morning some activities started and all the remaining participants from Portugal and Poland were there. After takinga good look around the room – what do you know, I loved them all! They were so funny and I could see it in their eyes that we were here for a reason: to break some chains that were binding us. I know, it’s silly to say that you can see something like that in someone’s eyes, but I did.  Through the whole week they gave me beautiful life lessons, not even knowing they did. So if you are reading this, thank you friends!
I learned that the place,where you stay, is not important; it’s the people, who you’re staying with, that count.



This text could be based on explaining activities and this and that, but where is the point in that?
You can remember some activities and you will also forget some of them as the time passes by, but friends and feelings will stay forever.  The whole exchange opened my eyes and made me a different person and I think I do not speak just for myself. So fellow Earthlings – if you have a chance to meet new people, new cultures – DOOOOOO ITTTTT!!!!  You have onlyone life, make it count. Who knows, maybe your future wife or husband is waiting on the next exchange. Let life be a mystery and a lesson until the end.


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