Zravo everyone!
This is a difficult time to express emotions, but at the same time, necessary. How do you live the quarantine in a foreign country, alone, and without being able to leave home?

The first step: keep calm. Being alone in an unfamiliar country under circumstances like these, only strengthen the character. We just have to stay home to avoid putting ourselves and everyone else at risk, occupying our time and enjoying the little things that life gives us because the true bereavement is on mind. In this specific time where all of us are aware in the same situation, it is now when we should rethink about the true meaning of the word “solidarity”.

In my case, I have spent the last week trying to carry out a simple schedule 📊: get up early and try to keep myself busy at certain times of the day. I speak regularly with my coordinators, my mentors and the heads of both institutions (sending and hosting ones), wondering how I am doing, what I need, etc. It is important to feel that even if you are physically isolated, you’re not alone.

Actually, in all of this mess, March has given us a delicate gift, the beginning of the spring 🌸. Even looking at what I have experienced this month, I believe ironically that I am in the right place to take on this period of my life.

I am a volunteer in Europe. Volunteer: term linked to solidarity, as I said above. It is now, on these difficult times, where people support each other, and try to make the life easier (if not, more bearable). People’s creativity is overwhelming, in every way. We are making our “individual” houses 🏡 on “meeting” places (even it’s from the balcony!), and when I see the videos of people applauding from their homes in Spain, I feel proud of my country and of the people who support those who are “working their fingers to the bone” to maintaining the welfare state that all of us deserve and that our ancestors fought for.

Regarding here, my days run quietly, meditating, doing yoga ☸ movies 🎬 that make me feel comfortable and listening music 🎼. A lot of music. Seek refuge in those things that keep you busy and make you happy. Sometime is enough with a song, a good book 📖, a movie or even a group video call with your friends, telling how much you miss them.

I think it is time to connect with yourself, these that you never stop talking to, due to the level of frenetic life that we have led so far. I think if you find your inner peace ☮️, nothing else is needed, because having a peaceful mind, being positive and following certain rules, everything will return to its proper course.

Two weeks ago I had doubts regarding the logistics of the project. May I stay here? (I prefer to wait let the dust settle here and not take two flights to Spain and another one from Madrid to Asturias. It would put my family in danger). Is my project going on? It freezes?. This is the moment when the National Agency 🌍 will decide which is the best proposal and solution. Our projects are running and we can stay here and doing job at home.

In short, it is time to stop, to take these days as an “emotional vacation” (do not travel, do not leave home), to relax and to know your limitations, reflecting on how you are able to deal with the situation and your way of facing problems.

We are stronger than we think. Everything gonna be alright 💎
Hugs and besos 💕

Laura Rivera Gomez, ESC volunteer

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