How We Were Planting Volunteering

«Sejemo prostovoljstvo» is an event dedicated to the local and international volunteering that took place in MCT on the 9th of March. The main goal of it was to intoduce the young people of Zasavje to the idea of the volunteering itself and the local organizations that propose volunteering activities.

Zasavje is not a large region, despite this at our event there were more than 10 organizations that were eager to propose their vacancies. Among them Youth Centers of Trbovlje,
Zagorje and Hrastnik, PUM Zagorje, Red Cross Trbovlje, Delavski Dom Trbovlje,
Zasavska Ljudska Univerza, PGD Trbovlje-mesto and others. Every organization had its corner where people could come and learn more about the work they proposed,
so the event looked like the vacancy fair. The opportunities of international volunteering were presented by the EVS volunteers from Trbovlje, Litija and Kamnik.


 We started to prepare for «Sejemo prostovoljstvo» in February and all we have was the name. That’s actually occurred to be symbolic and poetic and based on a simple game of words: “Sejem” from Slovene is “fair”, “prostovoljstvo” is volunteering and “sejemo” is “we are planting”. So, «Sejemo prostovoljstvo» not just the volunteering vacancy fair but the event where people are supposed to receive the idea of voluntary service that will later grow into something bigger. Job of your dream, new friends, new working skills, round-the-world trip, who knows. And we needed to let people know about the opportunities around them. So, after the quick brainstorm we decided to prepare some attractions like live library, photo booth, photos on Polaroid, short quiz about what kind of volunteering is for you and designed the decorations. Everybody proposed what he had and what he could do. I had a great honor to make the tree/pointer of opportunities which is still standing somewhere in the club.

I think, in the end all our efforts were rewarded because there were so many people and the atmosphere itself was really positive. Maybe because of free food and free badges from MCT Zagorje or maybe we really made something important for people that day. Time will show.

Ekaterina Kate Shiyanova

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