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to be an esc Volunteer?

For 6 month I had the chance to participate in the European solidarity corps programm and be a volunteer in Slovenia.
My workplace was the high school and youth center of Trbovlje. A nice thing for me was that all of the volunteers in Trbovlje had to work together in the youth center on Mondays. Together we used our working time mainly to discuss, organize, manage and visualize events or projects. We learned to work together in a team and to remember every step when organizing an event etc.
From Tuesday to Friday all of us worked separately in our hosting organizations. Mine was the high school of Trbovlje. I gained a lot of new skills and never got boring during this work. I am from Germany so my task was it mainly to help out in the German classes by giving the students presentations, preparing tasks or exercise sheets for them. These tasks were a lot of fun to me. Besides this I really appreciated my “freedom”. I was free to bring in my own ideas or to explore other fields.
I think I can’t be more thankful for all of my support during my esc. My coordinator, no matter if in school or in the youth center, supported me in every situation. If I didn’t liked something I knew I could tell them straight away without any trouble. Besides this our mentors always took care of us, took us on trips, show us the country and gave us opportunities that we could never have without their help… and their car 😀 thanks for driving us! It is great support to have a local friend and guide around you from the beginning.
There are so many things to tell about the esc, but the most important for me is my self-grow. On trainings, at work or in the free- time we got many chances to reflect on ourselves and on our archived work. I never did this so intensive before, which gave me a whole new perspective. You get proud at yourself and actually realize how much you have done. It was a challenge for me at first to life in a foreign country and in my own household for the first time, but I grew on it.
One thing that the esc gave me for sure and that nobody can take away from me is memories. Memories of hard moments, of good times of exciting beginnings and surprising ends. The esc gave me memories from everything that I have been thought with my wonderful flat mates and great colleges in Trbovlje.

Tatjana Thüner

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