How is it like to…

… have school from home vs. be back in school during Corona times?

Probably at first sign corona was a blessing for a lot of students. School-closings? Isn`t that a student’s dream since day one? But how is it really to not be in school and do the work from home? And how is it to come back to school after such a long time? For this I talked to two students: Žiga Bozič from Slovenia, who has to learn for school from home and Patrick Göckener, who lives in Germany and has to go back to school in Corona times.

School from home:

Which advantages to you see in having online school lessons?
One of the advantages is definitely organizing your time because you don’t have to strictly follow the timetable unless you have a lesson via video but that is usually for max 3 subjects a day, and then you can organize all the rest however you desire. 

Which disadvantages do you see?
The disadvantage I see is that the professors can get a bit carried away with the material and put too much.

How do you stay focused and motivated, any tips?
I don’t really have any tips on staying motivated. I usually just listen to music while I work, and it goes by much faster. The only problem is that sometimes I get a bit distracted.

How are online lessons working ? Is every subject organized the same or different? If different, how?
Every teacher organizes their own subject and decide how they’re going to present it to us, but it’s always in text form either word document or a PowerPoint presentation or via video lessons. Most professors are opting for a mix of both. For example if there are four lessons of a subject a week a teacher can decide between all text, all video or anything in between like 1:3 or 2:2.

Do you have the feeling you study more, less or the same amount as usually in school?
I think I study the same amount as I did when I was when school was normal.

Do you think it would be better to go back to school and study normal like before ? What do you maybe miss the most about being in school?
I have a mixed opinion on whether we should go back to school before the end of the year because this method which I prefer is just as efficient as being in school, but at the same time I also miss my classmates and everything that comes with them.

Going back to school:

Which advantages do you see, going back to school?
I think in general you can say that the advantage of going back to school is that you stay more focused and don`t get that distracted while learning.

What are the disadvantages of it?
It is hard to get back to normal school life. Often the teachers and students chat for the first minutes of the lesson, because they haven`t seen each other for a long time. It is hard to get through all the stuff because the lessons have a time limit.

How do the lessons in school work? Which kind of restrictions do you have etc.?
First of all it is important to say that school life is not starting for everyone, just the classes, which graduate this year are allowed to go back to school. We have a lot of restrictions and hygienic measures in school. First of all there is a certain number of students that are allowed to be in one room and the tables have to have a distance of 1, 5 meters. Even if you want to go to toilet it is restricted, so that two people are not going to toilet at the same time. You are not allowed to leave your chair in the breaks to keep the distance and everybody has his own special place. It is kind of complicated for the teachers to plan their lessons, because one room can just be used by one class per day of hygienic reasons.

How often do you have to go to school?
Untill now I went to school three times. We just have to visit our graduation subjects, not the others. Normally we spend one hour on every subject, but in my fourth graduation subject it is different. Here we have to work for 6 hours in a row, which is in my opinion really too much.

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