In May, in the middle of the Corona epidemic, Linda started working in the supermarket.
That you have to be a really patient and kind person and to have a high level of stress tolerance to do this job, is one of the first things she learned. “Sometimes, especially when everybody is free from work, you kind of have a rush hour in the supermarket; so you may have a lot of costumers to work with.” That it can be stressful to have a long line of people at the cash point that you need to cash up is something that Linda experienced a few times on her own.
“Another thing that you really need a skill for, is calming down angry costumers. Of course you can’t just yell at them! You need to be emphatic and understandable and find a good way of talking and arranging things with the costumer.”
But even though you can have stressful moments the job is fun to Linda. “Especially in the beginning it’s great to see how quickly you learn.” After a few times of working with the help of other colleagues, Linda managed it to cash up the costumers on her own. Also preparation and post processing at the cash point is not a problem for her anymore. “It’s an amazing feeling when you know what to do and you just work with the flow!”
For Linda the Corona epidemic has some effects on her job. She needs to wear a mask all the work day. Most of the times that means to wear a mask for around five to six hours without taking it of one time. Additional to this in front of her there is a plexiglas pane, that separates her and the costumers to protect them from the virus. Linda needed to adapt to this circumstances and told us how challenging it is in these days to work as a cashier: ” For the costumers sometimes it’s hard to understand what I am saying through this mask and the pane and also for me the mask is hard; sometimes it’s difficult to see something and count the right amount of change money.” After some hours of wearing a mask in a closed room Linda also feels a bit of headache.

A challenging job in challenging times, but a motivated worker, who has fun and feels comfortable and welcome at what she’s doing, that’s the story of the 18 year old Linda and her new working place.

Tatjana Thüner

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