How is it like to have a long-distance relationship?

How is it to be separated from the person you are closest to?
Lea experienced it. She lived in a long-distance relationship for around four months. Her boyfriend seated in Denmark, Lea living in Slovenia. A distance round about 1 600 km between them. Now she wants to share her feelings and experiences about this chapter of her life.

Being separated from her boyfriend for such a long time was hard for Lea. The hardest part for her was not to get a hug from her boyfriend when she needed it: „The only option was to call each other, of course you can talk but sometimes in a relationship you just want to be together cuddling without talking, and that was what I missed the most.” When Lea had to adapt to living in a new country she missed the support and closeness to her boyfriend the most. “Sometimes I felt alone and as a stranger in a foreign country, this was where I needed to be close to someone familiar like my boyfriend the most.” When Lea missed her boyfriend a lot she tried to find her own ways of dealing with it, which was not that easy as she thought before:” The problem was that I couldn’t find a certain thing that helped me not to miss him that much, it was always something different that helped me.” Lea remembers: ” Sometimes it could help me being busy, so that I didn`t had the time to think of him, but also some days it helped me to talk to him, but that could also make me miss him even more… so it was kind of a risk to call him when I missed him the most.”
In February, Lea’s long-distance relationship ended and she was able to see her boyfriend again. Thinking back of that special moment Lea says: “Seeing him again was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life and I couldn’t get enough of hugs and kisses, I just wanted to be close to him all the time.” Not seeing him for such a long time again is something Lea couldn’t think of. Today, she moved together with her boyfriend and is happy to spend as much time with him as possible. A lot of couples feel distant from each other and feel foreign to each other after a time of being separated from each other; but with Lea and her boyfriend it’s the opposite: ” I feel more connected to my boyfriend than ever before, I guess our secret is to be open towards each other and talk about everything in an open and constructive way.” She adds: “Also you should never forget to appreciate the good things that you have with each other, both of us knew that it would be even harder to live without the other person in our lives than this period of missing each other!”

Tatjana Thüner

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