How is it like to be back home after an ESC?

Let’s turn the time back for a while! Let’s say for two month.

Two month ago I lived in Slovenia, working voluntarily in the high school and Youth center Trbovlje. Two month ago there were tasks, changes, action and developments every day. Two month ago I thought “this is the halftime of my project.”

Ok this is the background story, so let’s turn back to the present age.

Today I am back home in Germany, sadly realizing that the March was not the middle of my time in Slovenia, but probably more the end time. Being back home in corona times is nothing interesting. My daily routine is almost the opposite of my life two month ago. I am laying in my bed, reading books or watching movies and isolate myself almost every day. But I do not want to just talk about the bad things and complain; of course there are also positive sites. Since I am back in Germany I realized a lot of changes, regarding myself or my environment:

The first thing I realized when I was back home is my personal development. Of course this is the most obvious aspect, because I lived without my parents and in a foreign country for the first time. I had to handle the household and organize stuff on my own. This is why I realized that I got much more self responsible and confident. But this is not the only way I have changed. I gained a lot more of social skills. I am more corporative and helpful after this time and try not to judge people by their outward appearance. Because back in Slovenia we got confronted and dealt with the topic solidarity almost every day I cannot stop to think about it in Germany, too. When I came back to my town all the people suddenly seemed much more open minded and social to me. Everywhere were I went, the people smiled at me and greeted. This is just a little detail, which I never spend attention to before.

In general I feel like all the time in Slovenia was just a dream. When I look back all of this seems so surreal to me, like it never actually happened. But this is also why it was easy for me to get used to Germany again. I hope that I can at least come back to Trbovlje for a week or something to have a proper goodbye. Till then I will stay motivated and try to spread solidarity from home!

Tatjana Thüner

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