How is it like to be an artist

“The most important thing for me while doing art is expressing my feelings through that; I am able to fight my fears and doubts and show it to other people.” That’s what the artist Ornela Alia tells about her job.
Her passion for the arts started in her childhood. Since she was little the only thing she really enjoyed was art, no matter if that involved drawing, painting or making things. When painting pictures or doing art in general the most adorable thing is the outcome. “The pleasure you get out of doing something you love, that’s the beauty of art for me.” While painting Ornela doesn’t need to force herself to do a great job, for her everything goes automatically and naturally. She realized that now she even has her own elements of her style in her work, that stuck with it.

Ornela emphasizes: “You can’t calculate creativity; you shouldn’t try to be different from others because then you’d lose the naturalness, you just have to get to know yourself well, because that’s where originality lies in!”

For Ornela her job is the best thing she can imagine even if sometimes it’s also challenging. “From my point of view it’s always difficult or almost impossible to express everything you want to.” As an artist you are kind of your own boss; most of the people would think it’s hard to get motivation and energy if you have to organize the work on your own. For Ornela that’s not a problem at all: “There’s something that won’t let you sit still if you want to work on something, a need of getting something out of you.” She adds: “You can work whenever you want to, but again, it’s that obligatory feeling you have within yourself about working on an idea; that is the strictest boss for me.”
A big event for Ornela is her current solo exhibition at eMCe. It’s a collection of works that focus on existence, with reflection on the many colours of the human being. Ornela is pleased with her work and enjoys every day of being an artist: “I am so flattered to be called an artist; you never get used with the idea, because as a title it holds so much importance and responsibility!”

Tatjana Thüner

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