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 To study psychology?

Studying psychology on one hand is varied, but on the other is challenging. At least that’s the opinion of Felix Grothus. Currently he is studying psychology in his second term.

In the moment an important topic in his studies is statistics:” every claim in psychology is based on statistical evidence and currently a third to half of my courses are about statistics.” For Felix statistics is one of the most challenging subjects. “You should have a decent knowledge of math if you want to study psychology, otherwise you will have a hard time”, he claims. Otherwise from Felix point of view his course of studies is really varied. During your studies you would learn a variety of different programs, which would reach from math to history to management (human resources) and clinical psychology. “The thing I personally like the most about my studies is that they are really applied”, Felix tells and adds:” For example we have courses that simulate counseling sessions that taught us how to be more engaged in conversations and how to ask the right questions.” For Felix the practical aspect of his studies is a lot of fun to him, he even realized that he already implements the knowledge he acquired in his everyday life.
In the end psychology is a very versatile subject and you can work in many different fields. Your work depends on your degree. Felix got in contact with psychology for the first time, when his mum started working as a researcher for psychology. Working in research, as a career changer in different companies or as a journalist are jobs you can work in after doing your bachelor degree. By getting in contact with his mums work, Felix got more and more interested in the work field of psychology. He explains:” I want to do my master degree.” He adds:” After this you can either start working or do an extra three-year long course to become a certified psychotherapist, which is what I am planning to do.”

To the question for whom a study in psychology is suitable Felix responds:”If you are somewhat decent at math and enjoy working scientifically, I highly recommend considering a degree in psychology.”

Tatjana Thüner

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