Nowadays, when we are facing with refugee migrant crisis and their consequences and states close their borders and part of the European Union is surrounded by barbed wire and fences, we are aware of the importance of young people to spread tolerance and intercultural dialogue, interculturalism about the problem of discrimination. Both in our country as well as in the other participating countries of our project, we have seen an increase in hate speech, discrimination, intolerance and even hatred of so-called “different” people which can be defined as the radicalisation of young people. The fact that the radicalisation of young people is on the increase, which is also recognised by the European Union Summit is worrying for us young people and to eliminate these problems as European citizens we want to contribute through active citizenship withthe realization of the project »Finding Humanity«

Considering media as a tool to spread differend kind of truth, we decided that the media (media production, media culture and media literacy) will be the basic methodology of the project, which we will connect with other digital skills and management of the project.

With the project “Finding humanity” we would like to point out the problems of today’s society described through the aspect of human rights, which is why the project is designed to be brought as close as posible to most wide public. Through the project we want to film four documentaries that will be suitable for screening on TV, film festivals, published on the youtube channel and spread through social networks. They can also be used as teaching material in the case of formal and non-formal education.

The project involved four countries -Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Germany, and every group consisted of four (4) youth and a mentor, so a total of 5 people per group. The fact that Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary are transit states and Germany is the target, from the perspective of a refugee-migrant crisis provides a variety of results from research that was made. In conjunction with the politics of individual member states to the above mentioned issues we can certainly expect further diverse results and so we can show both aspects of negative and positive, and of course we as European citizens we are committed to the positive.

More about the project READ HERE.