The »European Street Games« youth exchange hosted 18 young participants from 3 countries: Portugal, Romania and Slovenia. Throughout 6 days, 9 boys and 9 girls in 4 mixed groups worked on developing innovative board games with the objective of getting to know the process of entrepreneurial creativity and with the goal to create prototypes of new board games. The exchange encouraged a healthy way of spending free time among participants with the goal of goal of drawing attention to addiction to mobile phones and presenting board and street games as a good alternative. This was also the goal of the final event which presented the exchange to the general public and the dissemination events that participants presented during the summer holidays to young people from their local community. Young people learned about mutual cultural differences by working in project groups, the preparation of common projects and the celebration of the evening of interculturalism.

Because of the exchange, participants are much better acquainted with the process of entrepreneurial creativity and have more confidence to express their own initiatives. Entrepreneurship was introduced through the process of creativity, besides that the participants also strengthened their own ability to work in an international team and made personal progress on all key competences. The vigour, which young people got at the youth exchange, encouraged them to prepare a project of international youth initiative through which they would develop prototypes that were made at the exchange into products, thus becoming better acquainted with the process of entrepreneurship and the results of the project – innovative board game – sign up for various mass-financing contests and platforms.

The results of the exchange are 4 prototypes of board games.