The project »Contagious creativity« is an EVS project that involved three organizations: Youth center Trbovlje, Primary school Ivan Cankar and Jugendkulturarbeit e.V. From 1. 2. 2017 till 30. 6. 2017 we hosted one volunteer that worked in the primary school four days per week and in the youth center one day per week. The main idea behind the project was the implementation of non- formal learning in the school system. The volunteer prepared different methods of non-formal learning for pupils from 1st to 9th class through games and interactions for different school subjects. Through these activities the volunteer presented her own culture and also learn about Slovenian. The largest impact on this project was interaction and intercultural dialogue, which the volunteer brought to school and youth center, and convergence of formal and non-formal education through common projects. AIMS of the project were: – Introduction of the EVS volunteer into intergenerational work with children and teachers, establishing a more informal atmosphere in school, which has brought some diversity in school and an added value to formal education. – An added value to the regular and extended school curriculum and – Activities in the youth center through the implementation of ideas and methods of the volunteer – promotion of informal learning in the local environment, promotion of youth mobility, promotion of informal work in the context of the extended school program, acquiring skills out of the school environment – promotion of intercultural learning through creativity, promotion of acquiring competences through experience and accepting differences amongst people – dissemination of personal and professional knowledge, competencies and skills of everyone involved in the project – exchange of good practices through this EVS project amongst all involved in the project: parents of children, children, teachers, youth center and sending organization. The following GOALS were achieved: – Realization of one EVS project with a foreign volunteer in Slovenia, where she volunteered and developed her competences within two organizations – Youth center Trbovlje and Primary school Ivan Cankar Trbovlje. – 2 presentations of EVS project in other primary and secondary schools in the region that do not host EVS volunteers, and at the same time promotion of EVS (especially on secondary schools). – Realization of at least one long-term activity that connects the non-formal and formal learning by the volunteer. – Realization of 1 personal project of the volunteer at school or in the youth center. – Implementation of at least 5 new methods in non-formal learning in school. – Realization of at least 5 activities for gaining new skills and competences outside the school. Through this project, we wanted to address the needs of the importance of both informal and formal learning and therefore to establish better relationships towards the non-formal approach within school systems. The planned and achieved results of the project were: – A personal project of the EVS volunteer. – Number of media announcements of the project (4). – 1 new candidate for the sending EVS project – e-broshure about non formal methods in pdf.