Can we live healthy? Can we make a change?

Have u ever thought about how unhealthy we live, that we could do more sports and healthy living? Well that was the start of our exchange. It all started with the question, can we live healthy? Can we make a change?

Me and my best friend sat together one day and we were asking ourselves that questions. We wanted to do something that could help everyone, not just us. As students in medical high school we learn how to live our lives in a good way. But nowadays we eat fast food, we get sick easely, we don’t do sports, itc. Also, me and Aljana had one big wish / goal: we wanted to make, to write our own exchange. We went on a lot of different exchanges all around the Europe, and non of them were based on health, sports or anything based on looking on ourselves.

So the plan was to make our own escape to happiness. First we needed to get together, write which organizations would be the best for the exchange. So therefor we chose: MUYA from Malta, K.A.NE. from Greece and Teatro Metaphora from Portugal, just because we think they are so different cultures. Then we needed to make a plan, what activities will we do. I for once wanted to have fitness/street workout and mountain cilmbing, while Aljana wanted to have meditation, joga and calming exercises. So we planted the schedule as we wanted to. It was full of fun, but still full of informations and stuff you could learn. Oh yeah, we also wanted to be a vegan, no treats or meat on the exchange, so our lunch was still healthy meat, but dinner was all vegan.

So based on the experience I really recommend everyone to do something like this because it’s really an adventure.

Nastja Planinc

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