Unfortunately, breaking happens way too often.

I the society that we created a lot of us were exposed to bullying from an early age. It starts in school when all of the sudden you weren’t as worthy as the person sitting next to you.

This is when the thought of being free to express yourself leaves your body because it was chased away by the whispers behind your back. Whispers that grew with time, eventually graduating into an ear piercing laughter. Laughter that ingrained itself into your brain and pressed the reply button every time you thought it will stop. Laughter that fallowed you, and was waiting for a mistake no matter how human, because at some point being human became unacceptable, making mistakes was a luxury you no longer had. Your talk, walk, appearance, existence became food for the dogs whose breath was constantly present on your neck.

Eventually, you stopped talking, you bought shoes that didn´t live a trace, became a ghost on social media, stayed at home waiting for school to end so you could escape the piranha tank.

Eventually, you did, you started a new chapter, surrounded yourself with people that worked with you rather than against you, but regardless the echoes of the howling dogs are still present. Still beating you down just because you were and still are human.

Bullying is the topic we will explore during the next few days on the international youth exchange “Acceptance is the key”, because we bealive that acceptance of different is the key to a better world for everybody, to a world where the only thing that is not accepted is bullying.

Nastja Abdič

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