In the last days of my volunteering it’s time to collect all the memories, experiences and moments lived in Trbovlje, a small town in a small country called Slovenia.

Getting to know the Erasmus + EVS program by chance, and after having made a very satisfactory Erasmus in my university stage do not hesitate to request one of these projects. I found the perfect project for me in Slovenia, a country that already was very interesting for me to know.


The project has mainly consisted of developing during the months of August and September part of the “Slovenian Mountainbike Route”, a project developed by the Alpine Association of Slovenia and because of my love for nature and cycling this volunteering has been a fantastic experience that has allowed me to know much of the Slovenian country.

On the other hand, we also participate in socio-cultural activities such as “The Day of European Languages” in a local school or in a gastronomic contest of traditional Slovenian dishes.


During all my volunteering I have had the opportunity to know in a very authentic way the people from this country, as well as from other countries, who have also lived together with me during this EVS, creating true international friendships that I hope will last.


I have also discovered the corners more and less touristic in the country, the history of Slovenia and its neighbors, but above all, because of my work in the Slovenian mountains I discovered the incredible landscape and natural potential that the country has.


In short, my EVS as a personal experience has been very enriching and decisive for my future, spending two months in an environment completely different from mine, being my EVS a parenthesis in which I lived moments and sensations that had not lived before and that I probably will not live again.

Also, at the end of the project I will be left with the feeling of having done a great job that contributes to the development of sustainable tourism in Zasavje region and to which I will probably return in a future to meet again with friends and to ride with my bike the trail that I helped create years ago.


Dear Friend, if you have the opportunity to live an experience like this, do not let it pass, do not let it pass, do not let it pass, take the step, be a proactive person and you will not regret having left your comfort space.


Daniel Seral Martinez, EVS volunteer from Spain


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