What comes into your mind when you hear the word »Italy«?

Food, of course.

It is well known that Italy has got a wide cultural heritage, a lot of historical monuments and an important food tradition. Italian grandmothers use to look after the recipes of the most common and loved dishes of the world ever since a very long time, anyway we managed to discover some small tips about them, that’s why we decided to organize an event about the Italian cousine, THE PASTA CHRONICLE.

The event was on the 17th of July at the MCT klub, two groups faced each other in a battle to the last ingredient. They had to prepare three dishes: bruschette, as an appetiser, carbonara, as the main dish, and a tiramisú, as dessert. The two groups cooked to the tone of many different Italian singers and learned how to prepare a real Italian lunch.

At the end of the competition we ate all together the food we had prepared, »just like a big Italian family« as someone said. As a matter of fact the purpose of the event was not just preparing food, but also socializing and creating international bondings as there were people from different nations of Europe.

I was on the organisation team and I must say that seeing everyone smiling and having fun was a real satisfaction for me and the others. During the previous week we had to think about planning the event and it was a really hard work. Then I saw all the participants laughing and enjoying themselves, so I was very happy and I felt like  I had done something good for the community of Trbovlje.

If you have missed THE PASTA CHRONICLE event, don’t worry!

Next week will be completely dedicated to Italy, all you have to do is go to the swimming pool and check what we have prepared for you at the caffetteria!

Also, don’t miss the final event on the 26th at the swimming pool, it’s going to be a secret party, sorry but I can’t say anything else. Follow MCT’s Instagram stories to find out some hints!                                                                                                                                              

Gaia Bordoni

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