Challenge accepted!

Many people don’t  know what EVS is. Have you ever heard about EVS? Is it something nice or something to eat or a place?

I would say it’s all together and much more, believe me! As a person who chose to do EVS for the first time with the first chance I got, I would say that it’s a different life, which includes many aspects, such as food, places, people, communication, new skills etc. For a girl like me who never had a chance to stay so many days out of her own country, who never lived abroad alone, this was a great opportunity to have a completely new lifestyle. In my opinion EVS can represent the first chance to approach the professional environment, facing work in a smoother way and collecting skills that will help my upcoming career. Just like that!

And what about me ?

I’m Marina from Banja Luka/Bosnia and Herzegovina and I’m 27. I’m currently studying in Agriculture and Rural Development Faculty in Master Degree.

Now I am an EVS volunteer in the project Start your adventure in MCT. The reason why I applied for this project was because I just finished working in the NGO “Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development”, so I had no plans for the future. Then after a while, I saw this open call in this box full with all these open opportunities, and in the middle of them I saw this open window in Slovenia, so I found the right one on the right moment.

My EVS started on 9th of August and will end on 29th of September. And guess what? I am going to celebrate my birthday in the middle of Slovenia, in Trbovlje, with my EVS friends!!

I think this project is going to help me improve my English, my Slovenian language and also I think I will gain some new experiences from Erasmus+ Projects and also will give me some new skills about inclusion as a volunteer and also how to motivate others to become part of our community and to exchange knowledge between cultures.

I like doing embroidery, especially the types of the ones that are specific for Banja Luka region which are called “Zmijanje embroidery”. I am a runner in half marathons and I like books, especially the ones that are classic such as the ones written by the authors: Dostojevski, Tolstoi, Jane Auten etc. I also love the books of Andric, Nelson Mandela, Copic, Antic etc. And I love traveling. I’m obssessed with collecting postcards, bookmarks, magnets and also I want to improve my piano skills.

My heart started beating in Slovenian rhythm!

Marina Savić


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