A lot of people get scared when they even think about their next doctor’s appointment. The most common fear: The blood draw. Mirsad Mešić was even brave enough to draw blood from patients after his biochemical studies.
Drawing blood from patients, storing, processing and analyzing specimens. Seems like the job of a medical laboratory technician is not a job for everybody.  Mirsad tells us what a medical laboratory technician needs to have for skills to do his job good: “In general I would say you have to be passionate about it; you have to have the will to help people and be able to work under stress, because when working in a clinical laboratory you are often in contact with people who are in serious medical distress, with children and old patients.” Besides this you should need to be a team player. In a laboratory with a certain amount of people, everybody should work together so that one can work coordinated to get accurate medical results.
One aspect that many people forget about, when they think about the job of a medical laboratory technician is the social aspect. Mirsad emphasizes: “The social aspect of the job is one of the things I enjoy the most about it.” Sometimes working with people can be challenging. Some people are not in perfect psycho-physical shape. Small children can be traumatized, so taking blood from them can be sometimes extremely difficult, also people who have cancer, HIV and hepatitis can be dangerous to operate on. “But even with these challenges I really appreciate my work; I love to evaluate the results and see the work I have done and I enjoy chatting with so many different and various people!”

Tatjana Thüner

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